ForNAV is a smart report solution specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

ForNAV makes it easier to create and edit reports
and therefore spares the customer for a lot of expenses.

FORESIGHT is the only ForNAV service partner in Denmark og with us you find the best ForNAV developers in the country.

Read more here: ForNAV

Lasernet is an Output Management solution where you can grab prints, XML or any other data format from your ERP system to format, edit and deliver it.

Lasernet can create and distribute advanced reports in any format, e.g. DOCX, PDF, XLSX, XHTML, XML, JSON, EDI and CSV.

FORESIGHT is a Tabellae partner. Tabellae is the biggest Lasernet partner in Scandinavia.

Read more here: Formpipe Lasernet

Generic Electronic Reporting (GER / ER) is a new configurable tool for Dynamics 365.

It can be used for configuring formats for both inbound and outbound electronic reports.

FORESIGHT is a Microsoft partner.

Read more here: Generic Electronic Reporting

Reporting Services is a report solution where you can create formatted reports with data, graphs, images and diagrams.

These reports can be executed at any time using parameters defined by the users.

Reporting Services is a part of the Microsoft SQL Server Services pack.

FORESIGHT is a Microsoft partner.

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